The purpose of the Foundation is the preservation, conservation and pervasion of the cultural heritage of the literary works of Dimitris Lyacos for the general public in behoof of science, art and culture.

The Foundation will promote the world-wide non-commercial events of the literary works of Dimitris Lyacos, particularly at Universities, public readings, festivals as well as related projects across the arts.

The Foundation will take care of the preservation, the protection of the archives of the author and promote academic and artistic work based on Dimitris Lyacos’s works.

The Foundation engages in the set up and development of an archive of the literary works of Dimitris Lyacos including cataloguing of publications in connection with the work. The archive shall be generally available to scholars.

The Foundation will fund and facilitate new translations of the works of Dimitris Lyacos.

The Foundation will facilitate and promote new artistic creations based on Dimitris Lyacos’s literary works.

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