The Edelweiss Literary Agency is the principal agency handling the international rights for Dimitris Lyacos's books. Over the years the agency's directors Roberto di Pietro and Andrea Carnevale have developed a close collaboration with Lyacos based, first and foremost, on the deep knowledge and appreciation of the content of his work.

The Edelweiss Literary Agency was established by Andrea Carnevale and Roberto di Pietro, and today relies on a team of high-profile collaborators and partner companies, with long experience in the publishing sector, covering all stages of the materialisation of a book project: reading and evaluating manuscripts, proofreading, editing, professional layout, intermediation, storytelling, legal protection of copyright, copywriting, press office, translations and foreign rights. The Edelweiss Literary Agency is animated by the belief that books are a prime tool in the ongoing effort to improve our societies through learning and culture.

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